Fun 4 Kids Mega Pack

Fun 4 Kids Mega Pack
Fun 4 Kids Mega Pack Fun 4 Kids Mega Pack Fun 4 Kids Mega Pack Fun 4 Kids Mega Pack
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Fun 4 Kids MegaPack
An educational compilation specifically devised to present a diverse range of learning activities in a highly engaging and fun-filled way.
Such essential Key Stage building blocks as logic skills, number confidence, hand-eye co-ordination, musical awareness, typing proficiency and artistic creativity are all nurtured in these supportive programs that will not only give endless entertainment to children but enable them to learn without even realising it!

Titles Included:
Arcade Typing Tutor
Learn to type faster with this ultimate tool for all the family. Arcade Typing Tutor is a fun and proven way to learn keyboard skills, improve accuracy and increase speed.
Learn Keyboard and Learn Recorder
These two programs are designed to aid children practise on their keyboard and recorder to improve their skills. Featuring playing tips, an introduction to musical notes, backing music and finger guides.
Su Doku 4 Kids
Children as young as 7 can begin to enjoy Su Doku just like the millions of adult Su Doku fans. No maths is needed to complete the puzzles, and no guessing should be necessary either!
Kids Paint
Designed to encourage children's creativity, Fun 4 Kids Paint uses a simple, friendly interface to enable children to create bright and colourful artwork on their PC.
Kakuro 4 Kids
The word Kakuro comes from the Japanese "Kasan Kurosu" meaning "Addition" and "Across".
Pogo Bunny
Guide the bunny through each of the 40 devious puzzles, bouncing on blocks and collecting fruit along the way.

System Requirements
CPU: Pentium® or AMD® 1.3 GHz
Memory (RAM): 128 MB
Graphics Card: 32MB 3D Video Card*
Soundcard: Recommended
CD-ROM:4 speed

*While laptop video cards and network printers may work they are not supported

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